British White Cattle Association of America

 British White Cattle Association of America

6656 45th Ave SW
Pequot Lakes 23   United States  56472
Phone 218-568-7003

Since formation in 1987, the British White Cattle Association of America has continued to be the official registry of British White Beef Cattle in the United States.
The value of British White cattle is worthy of note by livestock farmers.  The following traits insure your cows will calves easier, calves have higher feed conversion and efficiency and leaner carcasses as now demanded by the marketplace.
British Whites are possibly the most gentle cattle of any beef breed.  This trait alone makes them your ideal choice whether you raise cattle as a hobby or on a commercial basis.  Other traits include being naturally polled, their fertility and ease in calving, being efficient and trouble free, their superior maternal instinct, milking ability, growth and hardiness in addition to the excellent flavor and tenderness of the meat.

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